Dear friends,


The recent World Live Performance Conference has been the highlight of the spring and I’m glad to introduce this second FIA e-newsletter with stories about this intense and inspiring event. Live performance has experienced a number of important changes in the last few years that challenge the traditional way in which we operate. The experiences and best practices shared at the Conference illuminate the resilience of our profession and the continuing relevance of our work. Let’s keep our conference motto ’performing live, acting together’ alive.


Always appealing for strong intellectual property protection, FIA also published a ‘Declaration on Copyright for Performers in the Digital Age’ adopted at the Dublin Conference. FIA maintains its constant efforts to campaign worldwide for the ratification of the Beijing Treaty, welcoming two new ratifications by Chile and Qatar. I invite you to watch videos recorded by our members calling for the ratification of the Treaty and hope your country will be represented in this ongoing campaign. I wish you all a wonderful summer. 


In solidarity,

Ferne Downey, FIA President

Latest News
The Live Performance Sector from a Global Perspective: A Status Report

With a view to preparing its second World Live Performance Conference - held in Dublin from June 4th to June 6th2015 - the International Federation of Actors published a working document called ‘The Live Performance Sector from a Global Perspective: A Status Report’. This report presents the results of a survey conducted by the Federation in summer 2014. 

International Federation of Actors celebrates successful ending of second World Live Performance Conference in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, 6 June 2015: The International Federation of Actors (FIA) and its worldwide membership concluded a three-day international conference on live performance, identifying key global challenges for the sector and union strategies to respond to them. Delegates were honoured by the presence of Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland, who deeply moved the audience delivering a powerful and vibrant speech in support of the artist in society.

World Live Performance Conference, Dublin, June 2015

Intense and inspiring. Those are the words that best describe the two and a half-days World Live Performance Conference of the International Federation of Actors. Held in Dublin, Ireland, from June 4th to June 6th, the event gathered some 180 participants and gave the floor to more than 60 speakers coming from different countries and backgrounds – performers, union representatives, industry representatives, etc.

World Live Performance Conference - Workshops Reports

In order to address more topics and to give more opportunities to the participants to take the floor, the organisers of FIA second World Live Performance Conference decided to have workshops during the event. The idea was that smaller groups would make it easier for participants to discuss their experiences and the challenges they face. On the afternoon of the second day, the delegates had to decide between three workshops.

Actors and poverty, just who is to blame? The Green Room / Orla Barry

Stephen Spence - Equity UK, and Mary McColl - Actors'Equity US, were Orla Barry’s special guests to talk about why performers often struggle for payment and much more. Both in Dublin in the context of the FIA World Live Performance Conference held at Liberty Hall, Stephen and Mary offered a lively and international insight to contemporary challenges performers are facing and explained how their unions work and campaign to address these issues.

FIA Declaration on Copyright for Performers in the Digital Age

Most people spontaneously think of authors as being “creators”. Whilst this is certainly true, fewer people tend to think of performers equally as creative artists. And yet, performers bring a very unique contribution to a script, a composition or other content that they interpret, bestowing on it an identity of their making. Audiences around the world connect to, and remember, outstanding performances, at least as much as they cherish the original work they are based on.

Chile and Qatar ratify the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances

WIPO issued a press release today informing that the number of countries that have so far committed themselves to the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances (BTAP) has risen to eight, now that Chile has become the first Latin American state to sign up and Qatar has joined Syria and the United Arab Emirates in boosting commitment in the Middle East. 

Celebrating World IP Day and calling for ratification of the Beijing Treaty

On April 26 every year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrates the World Intellectual Property Day in order to promote discussion of the role of intellectual property (IP) in encouraging innovation and creativity. After focussing on film last year (WIPD 2014), WIPO decided to put a specific focus on music for 2015.

Your performance, your rights: A new flyer to raise awareness about the Beijing Treaty among performers

The Beijing Treaty grants performers economic rights to improve their livelihoods and derive an acceptable income from the use of their work. It also awards them moral rights to protect their image and reputation. These entitlements had long been acknowledged to audio performers by the international community. However, actors and other performers in the audiovisual industry were deliberately left aside – something that FIA never ceased to decry as a terrible injustice and that became, with time, a very harmful anachronism as many national laws rarely went beyond the minimum international standards and extended full IP protection to all performers.

The EU Parliament and copyright reform

After a hectic negotiation and several deferments, the European Parliament finally adopted on July 9 by a generous majority vote a non-binding resolution on the future of the EU copyright regime. The final compromise text is a considerable improvement of the initial proposal by MEP Julia Reda, the Pirate Party's elected representative, which would have profoundly weakened the Union's IP standards, set the EU at odds with the international legal framework and compromised its long-term ability to sustain its rich cultural diversity.

EU Commission DSM strategy: some good but also a few worrying ideas

Whilst the European Parliament was debating about a rather controversial own initiative report about copyright reform, struggling to find the compromises needed for a majority vote, the European Commission released on May 6 its new strategy to complete the Digital Single Market. The strategy suggests a large spectrum of initiatives to be completed by the end of 2016, meant to enhance access to online goods and services, boost competition, increase harmonisation and investment, as well as encourage innovation, research and digital skills. 

Fair Internet for Performers campaign kicks off successfully

One day prior to the European Commission public presentation on May 6 of its Digital Single Market strategy, EuroFIA, FIM, AEPO-ARTIS and IAO held a successful press conference in Brussels calling for a fair Internet for European performers. The four organisations are jointly campaigning for a more equitable share of the revenue generated by making audio and audiovisual performances available on demand in the digital environment.

Upcoming FIA Events
Workshop Two on Collective Bargaining for Atypical Workers, 8 September 2015

The second workshop of the "Reaching out to Atypical Workers" project is scheduled to take place in Dublin on September 8th 2015. The focus is on freedom of association, collective representation and collective bargaining for atypical workers. It will seek to examine and better understand the practical and legal barriers in this area and how best to overcome them. 

Next Meeting of the EuroFIA Group, 12 November 2015

The next meeting of the EuroFIA group will take place on the 12th of November in Ljubljana, Slovenia, kindly hosted by FIA's Slovenian members GLOSA and ZDUS.It will be immediately followed by the annual EuroFIA and Collecting Societies Meeting.

Annual Meeting of the EuroFIA Group and Audiovisual Collective Management Organisations, 13 November 2015

The annual meeting of the EuroFIA group with Audiovisual Collective Management Organisations will take place in Ljubljana Slovenia on the 13th of November.It is kindly hosted by Slovenian Audiovisual Collecting Society AIPA.

Next FIA-LA and UNI-MEI/ Panartes joint meeting will be held in Iguazu, 24-27 November 2015

Delegates from FIA-LA, the Latin American group of FIA, will gather with UNI-MEI/Panartes delegates in Iguazu, Argentina for a joint seminar. The event will be hosted by SATSAID from 24 to 27 of November 2015. Regional groups from both federations will meet to discuss issues of common interest and implement projects funded by Union to Union (ex- LO-TCO), the Swedish trade union confederation.