Dear friends,


I am pleased to introduce a new edition of our FIA newsletter including the much-anticipated announcement of FIA’s 21st Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in September 2016! Please save the date and start looking forward to an exciting Congress. I also invite you to read about the long-awaited UNESCO Report on the 1980 ‘Status of the Artist’ Recommendation, which covers the core topics regarding artistic work, including such issues as freedom of expression, which remains high on FIA’s agenda. Indeed you can read below about how FIA has strongly condemned the recent unfair dismissal of Turkish actor Levent Üzümcü, fired from his work as a performer, due to his political activism.


Next up is a report on the workshop that was held in Dublin on collective bargaining for atypical workers. The workshop was aimed at addressing representation of an increasing number of workers within our sector who are denied access to basic labour and social rights. On a much more positive note, we are happy to share the success story of our Argentinean colleagues and the adoption of the ‘Law of the Actor’ as well as more international news about FIA’s ongoing projects in Latin America, India and Europe.


It is with regret that I must conclude this editorial with sad news from Cameroon and the AfroFIA group: the FIA community mourns the passing of Joe Mboulè, an inspiring artist, trade union activist and true friend whose sudden loss will be felt for a long time to come.


In solidarity,

Ferne Downey, FIA President

Latest News
São Paulo, host of FIA 21st Congress

Four years after Toronto and the impressive work of the Canadian members of FIA, it is now up to SATED/SP to host FIA 21st Congress in São Paulo, Brazil. From September 19th to September 24th 2016, delegates coming from all around the world will gather in the biggest city in Brazil to bring the federation’s most important political body together. 

1980 UNESCO Recommendation as relevant as ever

The report on the state of implementation of the UNESCO 1980 Recommendation regarding the Status of the Artist has just been released. Based on a wide survey of governments and sectoral NGOs, this document focuses on digital technologies, mobility, social security and freedom of expression.

FIA stands in solidarity with Levent Üzümcü after his unfair dismissal from the Municipal Theatre of Istanbul

At the end of August 2015, Levent Üzümcü, well-know Turkish actor and member of the Actors’ Union of Turkey, one of FIA Turkish members, faced – like others before him – the censorship of the Turkish government. Mr Üzümcü, actor in the Municipal Theatre of Istanbul and Chairman of the Association of Actors of the Municipal Theatre of Istanbul (AAMTI), was dismissed from his function as an artist working under the regulation of state officials ...

Collective Bargaining for Atypical Workers: Report from Dublin

Trade Unions from across Europe, representing workers in the media and culture sectors, have demanded urgent action at European level to strengthen employment rights, in particular for the sector’s growing number of atypical workers. In Dublin on the 8-9 September, the NUJ hosted a two day workshop on collective bargaining for atypical workers organised by the four labour federations within Europe representing the audiovisual and live performance sectors: FIA, EFJ, FIM and UNI-MEI.

Adoption of the ‘Law of the Actor’ in Argentina: A historical moment

On the night of 28 October 2015, the ‘Law of the Actor’ (‘Ley del Actor’), officially recognising performers as workers, was unanimously approved by the Argentinean Senate. FIA warmly congratulates its Argentinean member AAA (Asociación Argentina de Actores, Argentinean Actors Association) on this historic victory.

National legislations and collective agreements for audiovisual workers in Latin America: a joint FIA and UNI-MEI study

The present study was commissioned and coordinated by FIA and UNI-MEI through their regional groups in Latin America, FIA-LA and Panartes, in the context of the joint projects financed by Union to Union they carry out in the region. Researched by independent expert José Alberto Robles, it aims at offering a clear view of the industry, of the current working conditions and of union situations in de audiovisual sector in Latin America.



Promoting safer standards in Bollywood

Global federations FIA, UNI MEI and FIM met with film workers' unions in Mumbai on October 7-9, 2015, to address health and safety on Bollywood film sets. Despite ranking amongst the most prolific in the world, with an annual average of more than 1.000 feature films, the Indian film industry has a very high accident rate. Indeed, injuries and deaths are almost an occupational hazard, with crewmembers, stunts and stagehands among the most vulnerable.

Launch of the Live Performance OIRA Tools - 17 September, Brussels

On the 17th of September, the European social partners of the live performance sector launched two online interactive tools to support risk assessment. The Live Performance sector encompasses workplaces with such a diversity of elements to be considered in relation to occupational health and safety, that they can prove an enormous challenge. 

Council of Europe: A Renewed Commitment to Improving Equality in the European Audiovisual Industry

At the high-level conference “Women in today’s film industry: gender issues. Can we do better?" held in Sarajevo on August 14th, a declaration was adopted that calls for policies to counter the gender imbalance in the European audio-visual industry.

New European Study on Remuneration for Authors and Performers

The European Commission has just made public an eagerly anticipated study entitled “Remuneration of authors and performers for the use of their works and the fixations of their performances” . The study was commission by the European Commission’s DG Communications Networks, Content and technology and carried out by the University of Amsterdam and Europe Economics. 

Sudden passing of Joe Mboulè

It was with profound regret and great sadness that the International Federation of Actors learned of the sudden and untimely death of Joe Mboule. Joe was an artist who was passionate about his work. His music vibrated with life, with joy and sweetness. It reflected well the man who has never ceased to inspire upcoming generations of singers in his country, and who, despite international renown, remained true to his humble start.

Upcoming FIA Events
Second capacity building seminar in South Africa, 2-6 November 2015

For the second time, ACTRA, FIA and SAG-AFTRA are to meet with South African Guild of Actors' members in Cape Town and Johannesburg. By sharing experience and best practices,  their common goal is to drive international standards into the industry and help actors achieve better terms and conditions of employment. 

Next Meeting of the EuroFIA Group, 12 November 2015

The next meeting of the EuroFIA group will take place on the 12th of November in Ljubljana, Slovenia, kindly hosted by FIA's Slovenian members GLOSA and ZDUS.It will be immediately followed by the annual EuroFIA and Collecting Societies Meeting.

Annual Meeting of the EuroFIA Group and Audiovisual Collective Management Organisations, 13 November 2015

The annual meeting of the EuroFIA group with Audiovisual Collective Management Organisations will take place in Ljubljana Slovenia on the 13th of November.It is kindly hosted by Slovenian Audiovisual Collecting Society AIPA.

Next FIA-LA and UNI-MEI/ Panartes joint meeting will be held in Iguazu, 24-27 November 2015

Delegates from FIA-LA, the Latin American group of FIA, will gather with UNI-MEI/Panartes delegates in Iguazu, Argentina for a joint seminar. The event will be hosted by SATSAID from 24 to 27 of November 2015.

Capacity building Workshop in Asunción, Paraguay, 29-30 November 2015

In the context of their ongoing Union to Union financed projects in Latin America, FIA-LA and UNI-MEI Panartes will hold a 2 days workshop in Asunción focused on strengthening workers organisations in the audiovisual and cultural sector in Paraguay.