Dear friends,


Let me start this first FIA newsletter of 2016 by giving you my very best wishes for the New Year. May our battles to safeguard our rights and ideals worldwide be successful; starting with the protection of performers’ intellectual property rights. We need to campaign vigorously for the ratification of the Beijing Treaty and I invite you to use the beautiful new online resources created by FIA for this ongoing initiative.


Next up is an article about the alarming lack of theatrical venues in Madagascar. The Federation took a stand to urge the new Malagasy government to rebuild its theatrical infrastructure and promote a creative environment in which performers may freely express their art for the wider benefit of society. Help us raise awareness about the need to return the art of the theatre to the people of Madagascar.


The following articles will keep you up-to-date with the busy schedules of our regional groups through the reports from both EuroFIA and FIA-LA meetings and workshops. Last but not least, we have launched the colourful logo for the FIA 21st Congress, when artists from around the world will congregate together for four days in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Hope to see you there in September! 


In solidarity,

Ferne Downey, FIA President

Latest News
Latest news about WIPO

After concluding two very successful new international treaties in 2012 and in 2013, dark clouds seem to be gathering again over WIPO, the UN agency in charge of fostering global standards in the field of intellectual property. Copyright, in particular, is running in circles and slowly out of steam… again.

Your performance, your rights: A new flyer and website to raise awareness about the Beijing Treaty among performers

In order to raise awareness about the Beijing Treaty among performers, FIA has created a simple A4 recto verso flyer to explain, in a nutshell, why the treaty matters to audiovisual performers, as it carries the recognition of that their work deserves intellectual property protection, just like audio performances.

Looking for a theatre in Madagascar? How about penguins instead?

If you Google "theatre in Madagascar" nowadays, all you are likely to get is information about a popular animation movie starring a flock of penguins, a fine play by TJ Rogers or a new musical act. If you think you have mistyped your query, don't bother repeating your search: there simply is no professional theatre left in the forth-largest island in the world, about twice the size of the US state of Arizona.

Meeting Report: EuroFIA Group, Bled, Slovenia 12-13 November 2015

The EuroFIA group met on the 12th of November in the beautiful alpine resort of Bled, Slovenia, kindly hosted by FIA's Slovenian members GLOSA and ZDUS. Renowned for its magnificent lake and mountain scenery, Bled was a spectacularly beautiful setting for this meeting, especially bathed in golden autumnal sunshine.

OIRA: Two Health & Safety Tools for the Live Performance Sector

The FIM, FIA, UNI-MEI and Pearle* project to further develop and promote Online Interactive Risk Assessment in the Live Performance Sector is entering its final phase. With the invaluable support of the European Agency for Occupational health and Safety (EU-OSHA, often refered to as the  “Bilbao Agency”) the European Social partners in the Live Performance Sector and their project consultants have published two risk assessment tools

Pack your Netflix in your suitcase!

As part of its overall strategy to finalise the Digital Internal Market, the European Commission has released new measures to enhance content portability across the EU. Many online services such as those providing films, sports broadcasts, music, e-books or games are only accessible in the country of residence of a subscriber. 

FIA-LA and UNI-MEI/ Panartes annual Joint Seminar in in Iguazu, 24-27 November 2015

Delegates from FIA-LA, the Latin American group of FIA, gathered with UNI-MEI/Panartes delegates in Iguazu, Argentina for a 3 day joint seminar. The event was kindly hosted by SATSAID (Sindicato Argentino de Television, Telecomunicaciones, Servicios Audiovisuales, Interactivos y de Datos) from 24 to 27 of November 2015. 

A colourful logo for FIA 21st Congress

As most of you know, the 21st World Congress of the International Federation of Actors will take place in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, from September 22nd to September 25th 2016. Held every four years, it formulates the general policies and approves the programme of action of the Federation.

Working on FIA's History

FIA has a very rich and diverse history that started in 1952 in Paris, when the British Equity and the Syndicat Français des Artistes-Interprètes established the Federation. FIA has grown through the years and became a truly global federation. It is in Paris – again! – in 2014 that FIA Executive Committee decided to start working on the Federation’s history.

Upcoming FIA Events
Reaching Out to Atypical Workers - Workshop 4, 7-8 April, Rome, Italy

The last in the series of 4 workshops will take place in Rome on the 7 and 8th of April, 2016. This final workshop will look at the tricky challenge of organising atypical workers, who may not be easily reachable by, or amenable to, traditional union organising.

FIA 21st Congress – 22-25 September, Sao Paulo, Brazil

FIA 21st Congress will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil. From September 22nd to September 25th 2016, delegates coming from all around the world will gather to bring together the Federation’s most important political body. Hosted by SATED/SP, this congress will focus specifically on Diversity.