Dear friends, 


The FIA 21st World Congress was the highlight of the season and I’m proud to introduce this seventh edition of our e-newsletter with stories about this event. Unanimously carrying 33 motions, our Congress established essential new priorities for action in the field of: access to core labour rights; health and safety; training and career transition; solidarity and capacity building; intellectual property; elimination of double standards in global media; and diversity and inclusion. We will act for diversity and work hard to advance the causes of non-discrimination and equal opportunity for members regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age or sexual orientation.


Also featured in this e-newsletter is a report about a joint European project designed to address the challenge of atypical work in the arts, media and entertainment sector. There are growing concerns amongst European unions that new forms of work arrangements do not provide workers with adequate protection and increasingly result in precarious work. The final conference on this project took place in two important political venues (the European Parliament, and the European Economic and Social Committee) and coincided with the launch of a Handbook outlining the project results.  We hope you find it useful.


Last but not least is an article about the SAG-AFTRA strike in the U.S. as our American brothers and sisters try to establish reasonable and much overdue improvements to their videogame production terms and conditions. As the international federation representing performers’ unions worldwide, we stand united and speak with one voice: there shall be no place for videogame producers to turn to evade the legitimate claims of performers in the U.S. Our members make a fundamental contribution to the success of this industry and it is time to establish rights to show that our performance matters.


In solidarity,

Ferne Downey, FIA President

Latest News
Celebrating diversity in all its colours at the FIA 21st World Congress

Close to 150 trade union delegates flocked from over 50 countries around the world to the bustling city of São Paulo to take part in the 21st World Congress of the International Federation of Actors, hosted by FIA affiliate SATED/SP, the union representing performers and technicians in this Brazilian metropolis. It is the second time in the history of the federation that a Congress is held in the Latin American continent.

FIA 21st Congress – Panels reports

The panel on diversity and inclusion, which was also the overall theme of FIA 21st Congress, started with the presentation by Duncan Crabtree Ireland, SAG-AFTRA, of the results of the FIA Survey on LGBT Equality. The survey results show that discrimination against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people is still a reality in the entertainment industry.

Meeting the challenge of atypical working: Final event and launch of the new handbook

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), the International Federation of Actors (FIA), UNI MEI and the International Federation of Musicians (FIM) have today launched a handbook on ‘The Future of Work in the Arts, Media & Entertainment Sector', outlining conclusions and recommendations addressing atypical work in the Media, Arts and Entertainment sector. 

FIA unions around the world united with SAG-AFTRA members for fair videogame contract

The International Federation of Actors firmly stands by SAG-AFTRA members in the US as they strike to earn very reasonable and overdue improvements to their terms and conditions in videogame productions. In little more than a decade, the videogame industry has grown exponentially, with front titles grossing billions of dollars in worldwide sales and franchises: real life gaming offer a full immersive experience, which largely relies on intensive voice-over, performance capture and stunt work that our members deliver very professionally.

Closing of the FIA 21st Congress: Ferne Downey re-elected as FIA President

SAO PAOLO, 25 September 2016: The International Federation of Actors (FIA) and its worldwide membership successfully conclude their 21st Congress, and elect their new governing bodies. Today, Ferne Downey, Canadian actress and ACTRA President, was re-elected FIA president by the federation’s international delegates, gathered in Sao Paulo for the FIA 21st Congress.

Opening of the FIA 21st Congress: A major event for the International Federation of Actors

SAO PAULO, 22 September 2016: performer unions flock from around the world to attend the 21st Congress of the International Federation of Actors (FIA). Hosted by FIA member union, SATED/SP, the event will bring close to 150 union delegates from all continents to the sprawling city of São Paulo, Brazil, for an intensive week of deliberations that will guide the work of the International Federation of Actors and set its main priorities for the next four years. 

Acting for Diversity: a common goal for FIA members

Many FIA members have come to realize that discrimination has many facets and colours and are actively campaigning for inclusion, equality and diversity in our industry for their members. They have set an example for the societies around them, empowering their membership to speak with confidence and carry the diversity flag for the many others who still fear exposure.

Upcoming Events
Capacity building seminars in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, from 24 to 28 October 2016

With the financial support of Union To Union, Sweden, FIA has scheduled another round of workshops in Cape Town and Johannesburg to assist the South African Guild of Actors (SAGA) in its struggle to enhance the economic, social and intellectual property rights of professional performers in the country.

Next FIA-LA and UNI-MEI/ Panartes joint meeting will be held in Montevideo, 6-7 November 2016

Delegates from FIA-LA, the Latin American group of FIA, will gather with UNI-MEI/Panartes delegates in Montevideo, Uruguay for their yearly joint seminar. The event will be hosted by Uruguayan unions from 6 to 7 of November 2016. Regional groups from both federations will meet to discuss issues of common interest and implement projects funded by Union to Union, the Swedish trade union confederation.

WIPO SCCR meeting – Geneva, November 14 to 18, 2016

FIA continues to closely monitor deliberations at the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights. Current agenda items include the protection of broadcast signals in the digital environment, exceptions and limitations for libraries and archives, limitations and exceptions for educational and research institutions as well for people with disabilities, and copyright reform.

Health and safety workshop in Mumbai, India, on 28 and 29 November 2016

With the financial support of Union To Union, Sweden, FIA has scheduled a workshop in association with UNI MEI and FIM to continue to push for higher health and safety standards in the Bollywood film industry. Facing an appalling accident (and casualty) rate and close to inexistent risk prevention procedures...

Plenary Session of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Live Performance, 14 December 2016

The annual plenary session of the sectoral social dialogue committee on Live Performance will take place on the 14th of December in Brussels. This meeting brings together the  European social partners in the Live Performance sector, namely Pearle* for the employers' delegation and FIA, FIM and UNI-MEI for the trade unions.