Registration EuroFIA & EuroFIA and Collecting Societies Meeting, Copenhagen

Registration Form EuroFIA & Meeting with Collecting Societies, Copenhagen

Meeting & Event Attendance
Please complete this form with all of the relevant delegate information.
Please also include the name of accompanying spouse/partner (if relevant).
Please inform us if you would like to request financial assistance from FIA to attend this meeting. The secretariat will contact you regarding this request.
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Please inform us if you require an invitation letter in order to request a visa.
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If you have additional special comments or dietary requirements/ allergies, please indicate them in the comment box.
We have negotiated a group rate in the Copenhagen Island Hotel. Please select the nights you wish to stay at the hotel below. Meetings will NOT take place in the hotel. They will take place in the premises of Danish Trade Union Confederation LO, conveniently located a short walk from the hotel. Most delegates should plan to arrive on the 3rd of April (with the exception of the Nordic Council Unions, who will hold their own NSR Group meeting on April 2nd and 3rd, as indicated below). The joint meeting of EuroFIA and CMOs will start shortly after 9am on the 4th of April. A dinner for the EuroFIA and CMOs group is scheduled that evening. The EuroFIA group meeting will continue for a full day on the 5th of April and a half day on the 6th. A number of more informal working group meetings are also scheduled on the afternoon of the 3rd, prior to the main meetings. These are highlighted in the form below.
We urge you to complete this form by MARCH 1st 2017, AT THE LATEST. After this date, all un-booked rooms will be released.
1st April
2nd April
3rd April
4th April
5th April
Please select below the meetings that you will attend.
Nordic Council Meeting (NSR) 02/04 - Nordic Unions only
Nordic Council Meeting (NSR) April 03/04 - Nordic Unions only
Working Group Opera Singers - Afternoon 03/04
Meeting of the Central and Eastern European EuroFIA Members - Afternoon 03/04 April
EuroFIA & CMOs - 04/04
EuroFIA - 05/04
EuroFIA - Half-day - 06/04
Our hosts DSF and DAF have kindly scheduled a number of evening events in Copenhagen. Please indicate the events you would like to attend and, where relevant, whether you will be accompanied by your spouse/partner.
Nordic Council (NSR) Dinner 03/04 - Nordic Unions ONLY
EuroFIA and CMOs Dinner at "Soren K" - 04/04
EuroFIA Dinner at "Nose to Tail" - 05/04