FIA Special Conferences & Symposia

From time to time, FIA holds special conferences and symposia on specific subjects of importance for the Federation and its members.

2015 - World Live Performance Conference, Dublin

2003 - Celebrations for FIA's 50th Anniversary and Conference on Freedoms of the Artists, Paris

2002 - Celebrations for FIA's 50th Anniversary, London

2001 - Conference on Small-scale Theatre, Stockholm

1999 - World Live Performance Conference, Lisbon

1998 - Conference on Performers' Priorities for Cultural Policy-making, Stockholm

1998 - Conference on Dubbing, Arezzo

1994 - Conference on New Technologies, Los Angeles

1993 - FIA / FIM / IFPI Conference on the rights of performers and phonogram producers, Vienna

1991 - Seminar on Trade Union Activity for Performing Artists, Malmö

1980 - Conference on the Challenges of Professional Dancers, London

1979 - Symposium on "The International Protection of Performers' Rights", Geneva

1977 - Conference on the Challenges of Variety and Circus artists, Moscow

1972 - Symposium on "The Actors and National Culture", Moscow

1971 - Conference on Audio Tapes, London

1969 - Symposium on "The Theatre and the Actors in Modern Society", Dublin

1962 - Conference on Performers' Rights, Geneva

1954 - Conference on Television, Paris