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EuroFIA Meeting, Sao Paulo, 20th September 2016 - Documents Online

The EuroFIA Group will meet on Tuesday September 20th in Morumbi Ballroom A in the Hilton Sao Paulo. There will be Interpretation in English and French, as always. Documents are available below, visible to members of the EuroFIA group who are logged-in on the site. Please bring your own printed copies.

The documentation pack for this meeting also includes the recently launched ICF Study on the Labour Market in the Audiovisual Sector for the European social dialogue committee on Audiovisual. The full report is available in English and French. The Executive Summary is available in German, Spanish, Italian and Polish. You can also download the English language compilation of National Country Reports included in the study and the Spanish Country report and Italian Country Report are also available in those languages.

Log-in to download all other meeting documents below.