Registration EuroFIA and CMO meetings, Istanbul, 2-3-4 April 2020

Registration Form EuroFIA & CMO Meetings, Istanbul, 2-3-4 April 2020

Meeting & Event Attendance

Please complete this form with all of the relevant delegate information.

Meeting Schedule:

The Meetings will take place in the Divan Istanbul and are scheduled as follows:

April 2nd (morning): Half day meeting with Audiovisual Sector CMOs & EuroFIA

April 2nd (afternoon): Half day meeting on the Beijing Treaty, its entry into force and its relevance for performers in Turkey.

April 2nd (evening): Dinner hosted by BIROY

April 3rd (morning): Half day meeting of the EuroFIA group

April 3rd (afternoon): Half a day panel on Freedom of Expression

April 3rd (evening): Dinner hosted by AUT and CASOD

April 4th (full day): Meeting of the EuroFIA group

Hotel Reservation:

We have negotiated a group package (rooms + meeting package) with the Divan Istanbul. The meeting will start at 9 am on April 2, with a half-day session of the CMOs & EuroFIA meeting. We then advice the delegates to plan their travel on the evening of the 1st of April. It will end at 5pm on April 4, meaning some delegates may need to plan their return as of April 5. Please select from the options below in accordance with your travel plans.

You will be able to book your room by using a link provided at the end of the form.

The prices below include VAT.

Night of 1st April - 118,80€ + Meeting package half day/April 2 - 41,30€ - Total: 160,10*
Night of 2nd April - Accommodation + Meeting package OR just Accommodation*
Night of 3nd April - 118,80€ + Meeting package full day/April 4 - 45,22€ - Total:164,02€*
Night of 4th April - 118,80€*

If you have additional comments or dietary requirements/ allergies, please indicate them in the comment box.

Participation at the EuroFIA & CMOs dinner, hosted by BIROY on 2nd April*
Participation at the EuroFIA dinner, hosted by AUT and CASOD on 3rd April*

We urge you to complete this form and (for delegates not receiving financial assistance) make your room reservation by MARCH 16, 2020, using this link.