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Combatting Sexual Harassment: New FIA Resource Section

As FIA President Ferne Downey noted on International Women’s Day this year: “There’s something in the air – it’s the powerful flutter of many wings all over the world. We are taking flight, making plans, investing in a future where women will not be sexually harassed, bullied and demeaned.”

Since the FIA Executive Meeting in Zagreb and the Declaration adopted there in October of 2016, FIA has convened a broad international working group to regularly update the Federation on recent activities in relation to combatting sexual harassment, including national strategies, tools and policies that are being developed and put in place.

The Federation would like to ensure that the many inspiring examples from national level can be shared with a wider audience and serve as a source of guidance and inspiration for our global membership. For this reason, we have developed a dedicated resource page to bring together the range of experience that has been shared by members around the world. Here you will find introductions and links to a wealth of resources, which will be regularly updated as we receive input.

We have loosely grouped the content into four categories:

  • Surveys: Benchmarking, Measuring and Understanding Harassment
  • Codes of Conduct: Shared Principles as a Basis for Change
  • Campaigns: Informing, Raising Awareness, Mobilising Support and Calling for Change
  • Tools, Tips and Tricks of the Trade: Strategies for empowering and protecting performers in their working lives

You can visit the new resource page directly or access it via the Sexual Harassment Section of the website.

We hope that this resource page will be a strong and growing repository of inspiring ideas and examples. We warmly invite members to send us any studies, surveys, policy or project approaches, campaigns or other elements that they would like to see included and shared with a wider audience. You can contact the secretariat by email with resources, comments or other feedback.