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FIA Executive Committee meeting in NYC

The Executive Committee of the International Federation of Actors took place in New York, USA from June 26 to 27, 2013.

The meeting was warmly co-hosted by SAG-AFTRA and Actors’ Equity Association and gathered more than 65 delegates from around the word in the biggest city of the United States. This also gave the opportunity to hold a FIA Presidium meeting and several group get-togethers (English-speaking group, LGBT working group). 

One year after the Toronto Congress, this Executive Committee meeting was the occasion to establish a picture of the ongoing work of FIA and to reaffirm its priorities for the upcoming year. Several key matters were addressed during sharp and enthusiastic discussion – among others the ratification and implementation of the Beijing treaty, the possible organisation of a FIA world live performance conference, and the issue of the use of social media by the Federation. Another key subject tackled by the delegates was the preparation of a best practices manual on child performers. 

The meeting also provided the opportunity to hold a panel discussion on international co-productions, those being ever more numerous and posing some new challenges to effectively guarantee decent working conditions for performers. Delegates claimed how crucial an international cooperation and communication is on this matter.

The Executive Committee also adopted two resolutions: the first one, proposed by the Brazilian SATEDs, encouraging the Brazilian government to fully implement its Law 6533-1978 on the working conditions and status of performers and entertainment technicians, and a second one supporting the Russian affiliate of FIA in its fight against the government to preserve performers’ working conditions in the country. 

At the conclusion of the Executive Committee meeting, FIA President Ferne Downey commented, “I am pleased that it was such a productive and collaborative session. We worked concretely towards our strategic goals where the interests and unity of the international community of professional performers align so beautifully. These are vital and inspiring conversations to have.” 

Support to SATED-ES
Support to Russian Performers