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Two Turkish motions adopted at EuroFIA meeting in Edinburgh

The first EuroFIA meeting of 2013, kindly hosted by Equity, UK, took place in Edinburgh from April 13 to 15. Delegates from all around Europe gathered in the capital of Scotland to discuss about the evolutions of the situation of performers at national, European and international levels.

The meeting was divided into two parts. The first two days were dedicated to the European trade union members of the International Federation of Actors, allowing them to share their achievements and concerns and to strengthen their common position on European and international matters. Then, on Monday, unions and collecting societies met to find ways to stick together to defend the interests of performers. 

Many topics have been addressed, including the ratification and implementation of the long awaited Beijing treaty, the currently debated – and still under construction – EU legislation on collective management of rights, the Vitorino mediation on private copying and reprography levies, a discussion about the particular case of opera singers etc.

Two EuroFIA resolutions were unanimously adopted, both related to Turkish developments. The first one supporting the action of AUT and ÇASOD in their fight for preserving the Emek Movie Theater in Istanbul – a historic theatre that is currently threatened to become a mall. The other one encouraging the Turkish state to provide social security protection for all actors in the country. You can download those two resolutions here under.

EuroFIA Motion on Turkish Emek Theatre
EuroFIA Motion on Social Security for Turkish Actors