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FIA Declaration on sexual harassment - DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD/ David Robb

International Actors Org Adopts SAG-AFTRA Declaration On Sexual Harassment

By David Robb

SAG-AFTRA has authored a declaration urging the entertainment industry around the world to work with unions and performers’ organizations “to develop a long-term strategy to achieve a discrimination, harassment, and retaliation-free work environment.” The declaration was approved unanimously by the executive committee of the International Federation of Actors, of which SAG-AFTRA is one of 87 member organizations.

We are very proud to author and sponsor this declaration,” said SAG-AFTRA president Gabrielle Carteris. “Sexual harassment and abuse is pervasive across nations and we are committed to working with our fellow FIA members to develop and implement educational and informational materials and best practices in this area. Working together we can help curtail this abuse now.”

Said FIA president Ferne Downey: “The scandal involving Harvey Weinstein revealed problems that were all too familiar to women — and men — in our industry. We know that sexism in our industry is real. We know that there are sexual harassers who use their power to intimidate. And we know that this needs to change. And as union leaders we are taking a stand – we seek nothing less than a major cultural shift. We will develop a long term strategy towards a zero-tolerance and harassment-free work environment.”