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FIA Mourns the loss of Peter Plouviez

Peter Plouviez (right), FIA meeting in South Africa|black

It is with great sadness that the International Federation of Actors (FIA) announces the passing of Peter Plouviez, General Secretary of Equity, UK, from 1974 to 1991 and one of the most respected pillars of our federation, which he undertook to skilfully inspire – as a Vice-president - for many years.

Portrayed once by Variety in 1991 "probably Britain's best known and most quoted showbiz union official", Peter was a very dependable trade unionist and a dear friend to us all. Under his leadership, the membership of his union rose dramatically and incorporated the Variety Artistes' Federation to become the only labour voice for professional performers in the country. Peter believed in international solidarity and the need to reach beyond national borders to promote higher professional standards and respect for performers and their craft.

Not only was he a forceful Vice-president of FIA, but also the convenor of the FIA English-speaking group for many years, bringing together powerful performer unions from both sides of the Atlantic with a view to sharing best practices, strengthening cooperation and extending mutual support to one another. He convened the FIA Live Performance Working Group for many years, chaired several FIA Committees, including the FIA Committee on Artistic Freedom and the FIA Commission on Resolutions, and was a driving force within the FIA European group.

Conscious of the fact that his union's achievements and experience could help in other parts of the world, Peter also volunteered several times as a trainer, including in South Africa when FIA joined the campaign against the apartheid, where he taught fellow performers to organise and fight collectively for their rights. Peter simply was FIA and what our federation stands for.

As former FIA General Secretary Rolf Rembe eloquently described, "Peter had a remarkable capacity for creating a constructive atmosphere through his wit and jokes. Some people believed Peter was joking all the time because he was afraid of confrontation. They were wrong. Whenever the matters got serious, Peter got serious too. And courageous".

Our heart goes out to him, his family and close circle of friends. He will be sorely missed.