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Fair Internet for Performers campaign kicks off successfully

One day prior to the European Commission public presentation on May 6 of its Digital Single Market strategy, EuroFIA, FIM, AEPO-ARTIS and IAO held a successful press conference in Brussels calling for a fair Internet for European performers. The four organisations are jointly campaigning for a more equitable share of the revenue generated by making audio and audiovisual performances available on demand in the digital environment.

Performers play an essential role in the production of a very diversified and professionally crafted cultural content, which is delivered in a variety of ways and according to various business models. The online environment has become an essential place where to deliver their work, as proven by the multitude of legal platforms offering vast catalogues of music, film and other professionally produced audiovisual material to European citizens.

Despite having embraced digital media as a tremendous new opportunity, most performers in Europe are yet to see the benefit of it. By and large, their livelihoods still depend on contractual practices that are largely unfair and that they are in no position to change due to their very weak bargaining position. Unless they have a sufficiently high profile or powerful trade unions negotiating collectively on their behalf, they inevitably have no option but to sign away all their exclusive rights to their producers, in perpetuity and in exchange for a lump sum. These buy-out contracts inevitably encompass today all forms of digital use.

EuroFIA, FIM, AEPO-ARTIS and IAO believe that the Digital Single Market must acknowledge the essential contribution that performers bring to the success, the diversity and sustainability of the creative content sector by helping them get a fair share of the value generated by their work.

This is why the Fair Internet for Performers Campaign calls for the introduction of a complementary right of equitable remuneration in Europe, that performers may not transfer and that they may claim directly against online platforms distributing their work, subject to mandatory collective management. Whilst this right will not impact on consumer spending nor on the industry's marketing strategies, it will bring more equity with respect to how online revenues are shared among all stakeholders, performers included.

Read the press release here.