Resolutions and Statements - Details


The FIA delegation arrives in Beijing

FIA is sending a hefty delegation to Beijing, to see the conclusion of a negotiation that has taken more than 15 years to come to term. 27 FIA delegates are flying in from around the world - including from Japan, Canada, Denmark, France, the UK, Australia, Colombia, Hungary, Brazil and Switzerland – to encourage the WIPO member States to add the finishing touches to a landmark new international treaty. Such treaty is to grant, for the first time ever, economic and moral rights to performers for the use of their work in the audiovisual sector. Governments are expected to confirm the positive achievements of the 2000 Diplomatic Conference (i.e. 19 substantive articles) and approve a new landmark provision on the transfer of rights, consensually drafted in June 2011 and widely supported by the industry.

The WIPO member States are now mainly to look at a few additional agreed statements – interpretative provisions that clarify the sense to be given to specific articles – as well as the future treaty’s administrative provisions.

The Diplomatic Conference officially opens on June 20, with messages on video from various audiovisual performers and a message to the negotiatiors delivered, on behalf of all audiovisual performers, by Ferne Downey, professional actress and President of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA). Delegations, including FIA and other NGOs, will then follow up with their initial statements and opening remarks.

India, one of the key countries in this negotiation (together with the EU, the US, Brazil and Mexico) was the last country to submit a proposal on the outstanding issues which, despite the late release, is likely to be joined to all other existing proposals, providing additional substanbce for a rather intensive week of negotiations.

India’s proposal is available on the WIPO website.