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FIA updates its Visual Identity and Logos

FIA is working on strengthening its communications and online presence with, for exemple a new website to be launched this summer. In this context, optimising FIA’s visual identity through an update of its logos was a necessary first step. The FIA Style Guide presenting the renewed FIA logos and oulining the graphical guidelines and rules for proper use is now available in English and French.

The updated logo is presented as follows: “While keeping all the existing elements such as the acronym and the exclusive drawing by Jean Cocteau, we aimed at modernising the logo and make it more suitable for digital use. Working on colours and typography enabled us to improve consistency and clarity throughout our designs (the acronym is highlighted and the full name of the federation in English and French becomes part of the logo as a baseline). The concept developed for the updated FIA logo has been applied to each FIA regional group, building a strong set with a harmonious colour palette.”

All logos are available upon request in various definitions, colours and language versions. Please contact Anouk Van den Bussche: abussche@fia-actors.com, +32 (0)2 235 0874

FIA Style Guide EN http://www.fia-actors.com/uploads/CharteGraphiqueFR.pdf

Charte Graphique FIA FR