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FIA proudly supports brothers and sisters in Ukraine

Soon after the outbreak of the unlawful and shameful war wedged by the Russian government against the peoples of Ukraine, FIA engaged in a long-term solidarity effort to help its member union in the country in its struggle to provide material assistance to cultural workers and their families, seeking shelter from the violence and leaving all their belongings behind. With the unanimous endorsement of our Executive Committee, we have set up an emergency fund - inviting FIA affiliates to donate what they could and committing 10.000 euros from our own reserves during this financial year. Whilst most of the fund was initially intended to contribute to the post-war reconstruction, its spending guidelines have since been revised by FIA's Executive Committee at its last meeting in 2022, on account of the length of the conflict, the scope of destruction and the fast-approaching winter season, to enable a full disbursement of the fund's endowment. A final instalment at the end of 2022 will convey all outstanding donations - which are expected to exceed 55.000 euros.

The Cultural Workers' Union has set up a screening committee to oversee all requests for financial assistance from affiliates and their families in Ukraine. The funding is entirely spent on material needs, e.g. food, clothing, heating and housing, medical expenses and other essentials to help them make it to the next day and palliate the loss of all their belongings. Whilst many of them have lost relatives and dear ones and nothing in the world will ever make up to that, the international solidarity that we have been able to convey to them gives them hope and the confidence that they are not alone. FIA proudly stands with the Cultural Workers' Union of Ukraine as is determined to continue to assist them for as long as their ordeal continues.