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Canadian actress Ferne Downey elected as new FIA president

Ferne Downey was elected new FIA president this week by the federation’s delegates, gathering in Toronto from all around the world. Stepping down as president, Norwegian actress Agnete Haaland welcomed Downey’s election and wished her to learn as much as she has over the past four years.

Ferne Downey happily thanked delegates from FIA for their trust and support and promised to do her best at keeping and strengthening the ties binding performers’ unions together in FIA. She noted that the pressure to constantly adapt was important for performers, even more so since the digital shift, therefore making global solidarity extremely relevant in our industries.

She also thanked Agnete Haaland, who was  offered a FIA honorary Award, and FIA General Secretary Dominick Luquer for their support, and insisted on how inspiring this 2012 Congress had been for her, mentioning among others the conversations on equality, inclusion and non-discrimination in the employment of performers, the numerous national campaign videos that had been shown throughout Congress, the discussion on the challenges ahead now that the Beijing Treaty has been signed, the courage of new and developing unions willing to learn as much as possible through the international platform provided by FIA, etc.

Downey also congratulated the newly elected Presidium members and Executive Committee members. Indeed, her election was followed by one for the six Vice-Presidents composing the Presidium with her. Those two were then followed by the completion of the new FIA Executive Committee, composed of the Presidium members’ countries and 8 other countries. The new composition of FIA Executive Committee is as follows:

Presidium Members:
President: Ferne Downey (ACTRA, Canada)
Vice-President: Catherine Alméras (SFA, France)
Vice-President: Jorge Bosso (FAEE, Spain)
Vice-President: Simon Burke (MEAA, Australia)
Vice-President: John McGuire (SAG-AFTRA, United States)
Vice-President: Christine Payne (Equity, United Kingdom)
Vice-President: Mikael Waldorff (DSF, Denmark)


Download her 1st address as FIA President and have a look at some pictures from this key moment of the 2012 FIA Congress, taken by Jag Gundhu.