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European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee on Live Performance adopts a joint motion:

supporting the unemployment insurance scheme for “intermittent” workers in live performance sector in France


Performers and technicians in the live performance sector in France are almost always hired as employees. As salaried workers, like workers in other fields, they take part in the cross-industry unemployment compensation system. Certain dispositions have been adapted to take into account specificities of their employment conditions, notably characterized by short-term contracts and the temporary nature of certain jobs. Thanks to this scheme, some 100,000 professionals are able to earn their living through the practice of their craft.

Within the framework of the renegotiation of the general unemployment insurance scheme, European social partners in the live performance sector (Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe – PEARLE* and the European Arts and Entertainment Alliance – EAEA, made up of the international trade union federations FIA, FIM and UNI MEI) support French professional organizations, which have long offered a proposal to reform the system that is both fairer and more efficient. They call on French national social partners, as well as public authorities, to examine this project seriously and rapidly, and to integrate it into the new scheme. This would meet the needs of both workers and employers in our sector, which is a major producer of cultural wealth and economic benefits.

 The Full version of the adopted motion in French, English, German and Spanish is available for download here under.


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