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The Moral Rights of Performers Handbook 2013

How can audiovisual performers, and dubbing artists in particular, best protect their moral rights? A new FIA Handbook offers a broad overview of regulatory frameworks and practices from around the world and provides recommendations to respond to this crucial topic. It is now available for download in English, French and Spanish.

Following up on the resolution adopted at the 20thFIA Congress in Toronto (Resolution 16: Moral rights of dubbing artists) and the adoption of the WIPO Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances in 2012, FIA decided to carry out a survey on this matter. The Handbook offers a snapshot of laws and industrial practices concerning the moral rights of performers in almost 30 countries. Thanks to numerous contributions by member organizations, FIA has been able to develop a comprehensive picture of the current situation in the field. The survey conducted by FIA has also specifically focused on the rights of dubbing artists, often less enforced in practice compared to those of actors.

The main sections of the Handbook are the following:

- Legal framework of the moral rights of performers

- Results of the survey – A broad overview of the moral rights of performers

- Survey results – the moral rights of dubbing artists: generally accepted but weakly applied

- Recommendations

Additional printing versions of the Handbook can be requested from the secretariat (Landscape and Book print)

The Moral Rights of Performers Handbook 2013
Les Droits Moraux des Artistes interprètes et Exécutants, Manuel 2013
Los Derechos Morales de los Artistas Interpretes o Ejecutantes, Manual 2013