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The impact of IP regimes on access to culture: IAEA joint response

FIA, FIM and UNI-MEI have submitted a joint response to the consultation of the UN special rapporteur on cultural rights on the impact of intellectual property regimes on the right to science and culture.

Ms Farida Shaheed is mandated by the United Nations Human Rights Council to gather information and report on topics of special importance in relation to cultural rights. In 2013, her focus was on Freedom of Artistic Expression – several FIA members contributed to her consultation on that theme and FIA was instrumental in organizing an event with the special rapporteur in the European Parliament.

She is currently preparing a report on the impact of IP regimes on the right to science and culture. The consultation on this theme (open until September 15th 2014) was communicated to FIA members. FIA also coordinated with FIM and UNI-MEI to submit a joint response on behalf of the International Arts and Entertainment Alliance.

The response highlights the particular importance of IP regimes in the working lives of artists and creative workers and its role in relation to promoting cultural diversity. You can read the full response below.

IAEA Submission to the Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights