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Report from the EuroFIA Group Meeting in Lisbon

The EuroFIA Group met in Lisbon on the 22nd to the 24th of June 2016. The meeting was kindly hosted by Portuguese union STE and was an opportunity to hear from the union about its current situation and the challenges it faces. The meeting also included a one-day meeting with European Collecting Societies representing Audiovisual Performers on the 22nd of June. This was a valuable chance to exchange views on joint work in relation to the Fair Internet for Performers Campaign. There was also an opportunity to showcase recent good practice on combating Piracy, take stock of recent developments in WIPO and review recent developments in relation to the planned EU Copyright reform. Portuguese Collecting Society GDA kindly hosted this part of the meeting and also invited delegates for a very memorable evening, following the meeting, to dine on the banks of the River Tagus in Lisbon.

The EuroFIA meeting offered delegates an important opportunity to take stock of recent policy developments at EU level with relevance for the sector, including the consultation in on the European Pillar of Social Right, the Posting of Workers package, the launch of the European Platform on Undeclared Work and the revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, to name but a few. Delegates also spent some time discussing the progress of the Joint project on Reaching Out to Atypical Workers and related developments. There was a EuroFIA panel discussion on the use of amateurs in professional production, a problematic trend that seems to be gaining a worrying foothold.

The EuroFIA group adopted one motion in support of ACOD Cultuur in Belgium, currently confronted with a regulatory change to social security that places the access of Artists to the important Status of the Artist system in Belgium in serious jeopardy. Danish union DSF took over the coordination of the EuroFIA group from the SFA, who has filled this role since 2014, and also offered to host the EuroFIA meeting in Spring 2017. The EuroFIA group will next meet in the run up to Congress on the 20th of September.

Motion in Support of ACOD Cultuur (in English and French).

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These are recent regulatory and legislative proposals at EU level with direct relevance for the sector. We will circulate a short reader by email on Monday to summarise the key points of note in these procedures. Please select those of interest to you in the list of documents below:










This is a very long document, but we have a paper copy for everyone, which will be distributed in Lisbon:





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