Resolutions and Statements - Details


Outcome of the Rome Opera Conflict: Reinstatement of the Orchestra Musicians and Opera Choir

On the 25 November 2014, during a full session, Rome Opera House staff approved by 97% the agreement signed two days earlier between theatre management and unions which cancels the decision at the beginning of October to dismiss the institution’s 182 musicians and choir members.

This agreement is first of all the result of the work and commitment of Italian unions and musicians which must be applauded here. It also owes a lot to intense international mobilisation which took the opera house administration and the political decision-makers concerned by surprise, in the face of the unanimous disapproval of the music world. FIA is pleased to have been able to contribute, together with FIM and UNI-MEI, acting as the International Arts and Entertainment Alliance, towards solving this crisis.

The agreement reached makes provisions for saving €1.5M over the whole payroll, with any surplus to be used to compensate these savings. An additional €1.9M are to be saved on other items in order to wipe out the deficit. A joint monitoring committee will be meeting every three months to analyse how the financial situation is evolving and, if needs be, envisage corrective action to generate suitable financial leeway.

This scheme recognizes the relevance of cooperation between management and musicians where strategic and financial issues are concerned. The IAEA wants to see this principle sustained and extended to all orchestras and opera houses to guarantee the smooth running of these institutions and better ensure their future.