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AfroFIA meeting in Johannesburg

Fifteen delegates from the African group of the International Federation of Actors (AfroFIA) met in Johannesburg from April 30 to May 1, 2013. The meeting, kindly hosted by SAGA, gathered representatives from eight different African countries and a representative of the Swedish LO/TCO.

Several key subjects have been discussed including the recent holding of the DISCOPRO Africa international event, the increasing FIA’s membership in Africa, the possible organisation of a World Live Performance Conference, gender equality and last but not least the questions linked to the ratification and implementation of the WIPO Beijing treaty. Discussions have been enthusiastic and open.

The meeting was also the occasion to provide an overview of the ending triennial project, which brought some interesting achievements, including the prolific cooperation between SCAS in Cameroun and French FIA member SFA. A future 2014-2016 project was also discussed. The group will likely engage in a mixed project combining the twinning of two AfroFIA unions with two other FIA affiliates from Europe, with a set of national workshops for the remaining six countries.