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AfroFIA Meeting in Marrakesh

The AFRO-FIA group of FIA was well represented at the recent FIA Congress in Marrakesh in October 2008. This was of course the first FIA Congress to be held on the African Continent, which made it a historic moment for the Federation. It was an important opportunity for the group to meet. While there has been some contact between some of the AFRO-FIA member unions over the past four years since Budapest (for example within the framework of meetings on the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity), there had been no meeting of the group in that time. This is a scenario the group is anxious to avoid in the coming four years before the 2012 Congress and FIA will do its utmost to support them in this.

A meeting report of the Marrakesh meeting was prepared by the group coordinator, Joe Mboule from Cameroon and is available for download in English and French below.

Meeting Report, AFRO-FIA Group, Marrakesh October 2008:

AFRO-FIA Report - English
Rapport AFRO-FIA Français