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EuroFIA Meeting in Brussels

The EuroFIA group held its most recent meeting in Brussels, Belgium on November 14th and 15th 2013. European members met for one and half days to exchange on issues of common concern and recent developments at national and international level.

The EuroFIA group focused on recent developments at European level of relevance to performers, including in relation to topics such as private copying, collective management and fair contracts. There was an update on the work of the European Social Dialogue Committees on Audiovisual and on Live Performance (including the Gender equality projects, Sectoral Skills Council Project, Joint working on Double taxation etc). Other topics covered include Intellectual Property (WIPO), artistic freedom, and reports on national situations.

A resolution concerning recent developments in Spain was adopted by the group during the meeting. EuroFIA members unanimously decided to condemn the decision by Generalitat Valenciana to shut down the public channel RTVV. Considering the channel has been part of the local patrimony and culture, EuroFIA deeply regrets the disappearing of channel RTVV.

A training seminar was also organised in conjunction with the EuroFIA meeting and took place on November 13. Organised with the support of On The Move, the seminar was intended to offer practical and up-to-date answers to frequent problems encountered by mobile performers

The group also resolved to hold its next meeting in Athens, Greece, in solidarity with the Hellenic Actors’ Union.

EuroFIA Resolution Nov 2013