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EuroFIA Meeting Report and Documentation Meeting, Dublin, 02/06/2015

The EuroFIA group met on the 2nd of June in Dublin, Ireland, shortly preceding the FIA World Live Performance Conference. The meeting was dedicated to an exchange on FIA's European-level activities, as well as issues of common concern to group members.Among other things, discussions focussed on: the progress of FIA's European projects; recent policy developments in the IP area and the Digital Europe Strategy; the potential impact of international trade agreements on the sector; and bargaining on content created for exploitation in the online environment.

Members of the EuroFIA group can log in to the FIA website to find all of the meeting documentation from this meeting, including a draft version of the meeting minutes, below on this page (visible to logged-in EuroFIA members only). If you have not yet created your online profile, we invite you to do so, using the 'Login' button above.

You will also find the four resolutions adopted by the EuroFIA group:

Resolution in support of DAF Denmark
Resolution in support of GLOSA and ZDUS, Slovenia
Resolution in support of STE, Portugal
Resolution in support of HA, Czech Republic