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WIPO Beijing Treaty: one new ratification and an ongoing selfie campaign

Concluded in 2012, the WIPO Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual performances (BTAP) is an international treaty acknowledging, for the first time, the intellectual property rights of performers with regard to their audiovisual performances. This month, on July 21st, the Republic of Tunisia ratified the BTAP, becoming the twelfth country to do so. FIA warmly welcomes this new ratification.

The BTAP is indeed the first of its kind granting a meaningful IP protection to audiovisual performances, with moral rights and economic rights adapted to both analogue and digital environments, but will enter into force only after ratification by 30 eligible countries. In order to encourage this process, FIA and its worldwide membership keep campaigning actively on any occasion.

On April 26 for example, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrates the World Intellectual Property Day in order to promote discussion of the role of intellectual property (IP) in encouraging innovation and creativity. FIA and its members joined the celebration by calling for the ratification of the WIPO Beijing Treaty. ‘LET’S RATIFY NOW’ is the message performers have been sending out on World IP day by sharing selfie pictures and video messages. This year, outstanding contributions include video clips by Canadian stars Sarah Gadon and Julian Richings, both visible here.

'For us audiovisual performers to do our job in this new digital age, we need the right to control our image and to get paid fairly for our work' says Canadian actor Sarah Gadon. 'Let’s protect audiovisual performers and ratify the Beijing Treaty. Let’s make it happen!'

The Selfie Campaign initiated by FIA on World Intellectual Property Day has also been a strong and visible success and the Federation is eager to keep building on this momentum. That’s why FIA invites all performers to step in and keep taking selfie pictures to call for ratification. All pictures will appear in the new Selfie photo gallery on the dedicated website: www.beijingtreaty.com.