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FIA XIX World Congress in Marrakech

FIA’s 19th Congress recently took place in Marrakech from the 24-27 of October 2008. We were received in Marrakech by our host union SNPT, whose hard-working team, lead by El Hassan Neffali, contributed greatly to the success and smooth running of the event. Certainly the Congress in Marrakech was an unforgettable occasion, and an important moment in the life of the Federation. It was also an occasion that enjoyed a great deal of visibility in the Moroccan press, as well as the substantial support of local politicians and organisations. We were greatly honoured to receive the patronage of his Majesty Mohamed the 6th for our 19th Congress. His speech, which was relayed to the Congress members by his representatives, was a very valuable addition to the Congress proceedings and discussion.

The Congress was extremely well attended with some 96% of FIA’s membership present. This in turn made it a rich meeting with representatives from all continents coming together to share and exchange their varied, yet often parallel, experience. It was moment of solidarity and of renewal for the Federation. The debates that took place have served to re-orientate our work and set our priorities for the coming four years. They took in many of the traditional and ongoing concerns of the performance sector: such as health and safety, working terms and conditions, status of the artist, trade union development, training; equal opportunities and agents and managers; but also emerging and rapidly evolving themes: such as new media; intellectual property and cultural diversity.

Meeting Documents:
For a full overview of the motions adopted by the Congress you can download a complete version of the final amended motions and emergency motions below. Together, these constitute an important blue print for FIA’s work in the coming years. In addition, we are making speeches made at Congress available below. We do not yet have all of the speeches, but we will continue to add them as we receive them.

Statutory Business
The Congress also oversaw the important statutory business of FIA, including adoption of its accounts and election of its statutory bodies. As you will have seen on the homepage, FIA now has a new President Agnete Haaland, having bid a fond farewell to former President Tomas Bolme, who will remain in close contact with FIA, as its newly designated President Emeritus. For a complete breakdown of the new Presidium and Executive membership, please visit the Governance and Constitution page of the website.

Regional and Linguistic Meetings
A certain number of additional meetings also took place at the Congress. These included the regional groups EuroFIA, AfroFIA and FIA-LA, as well as the English and French speaking groups. These reports have been made available individually on the pages below. These are the reports drawn up by the groups themselves in order to inform the congress of their activities. Further information is available from group coordinators. Their contact details can be requested from the Secretariat.

Final Motions as adopted - ENGLISH

Final Motions as adopted - FRENCH

Final Motions as adopted - SPANISH

Emergency motions - ENGLISH

Emergency Motions - FRENCH

Emergency Motions - SPANISH

All Motions - RUSSIAN


Speeches made at the FIA XIXth Congress in Marrakech October 2008

We hope to make available on this page many of the speeches made at Congress. At present the list is not complete, so we would ask those who spoke to kindly send their speeches/presentations to us for inclusion on this page. They will be added as we receive them, in the original language, and are in the order of the programme. 

Welcome Speech by Tomas Bolme, Former President of FIA

Presentation of the Secretary General Report - Dearbhal Murphy/Dominick Luquer

Speech by Jim McKee of the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity

Speech by Paul Bronhorst of Paul Bronkhorst, Director of the Dancer Transition Resource Centre