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The Live Performance Sector from a Global Perspective: A Status Report

With a view to preparing its second World Live Performance Conference - held in Dublin from June 4th to June 6th 2015 - the International Federation of Actors published a working document called ‘The Live Performance Sector from a Global Perspective: A Status Report’. This report presents the results of a survey conducted by the Federation in summer 2014. The online questionnaire asked FIA members to describe the situation in the sector and the challenges and difficulties encountered. 56 members, representing 49 countries, responded to the survey.

The live performance sector - that is still today the main source of employment for performers throughout the world - is a very dynamic one. It has existed for centuries and has always been able to adapt. The pressures it is now confronted with are largely driven by the crisis-ridden global economic context and the expansion of IT and its related new technologies. The background document reveals the numerous challenges that need to be overcome.

The report is divided in eight headings:

- Live performance: a diverse sector

- Working conditions and trends

- Collective agreements and their contribution to the live performance sector

- Gender, diversity and inclusion in the live performance

- Public funding and new support mechanisms for the performing arts

- Touring, co-productions and international mobility: the challenges induced by a global industry

- Guaranteeing a performers’ right to health and safety: a win-win situation for employers and employees

- Live performance in the digital era


The document is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian:

The Live Performance Sector from a Global Perspective: A Status Report

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You can also download the compilation of survey data: 

Compilation of Survey Data