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Lack of Protection for Freelance Performers from Bullying and sexual harassment in Japan

In May 2019, a new harassment law was made in Japan, but only company employees are protected by it. It doesn’t apply to freelancers or to those seeking employment. In its work to document and better understand the issues of bullying and sexual harassment in relation to performers, in particular those working on a freelance basis, FIA affiliate JAU (the Japan Actors’ Union) joined hands with the MIC Freelance Liaison Group and the Association of Freelancers to carry out a survey. This survey gathered 1218 responses. 61.6% of those surveyed said they had suffered harassment. 36.6% said they had suffered sexual harassment. They couldn’t speak out: it would have meant risking losing work.

In spite of their circumstances, many people - 1218 - responded to this survey because they are desperate to change this situation. JAU wishes to convey a strong message to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, regarding the vulnerable situation of freelance performers, with the aim of improving the situation regarding protection from harassment.

FIA members are invited to join the campaign by signing this petition, which is still open: