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EuroFIA meeting in Amsterdam,

EuroFIA’s Dutch member FNV-KIEM kindly hosted the meeting in Amsterdam. FNV-KIEM opened the meeting by noting that at a time when the cultural sector in the Netherlands, and indeed in most countries in Europe, is facing severe budgetary cuts; international meetings of performers’ unions to exchange ideas and strategies on how to work in such a challenging climate are more important than ever.

Following a strong request from the member unions of EuroFIA at our previous meeting in Brussels, the first half a day of the meeting focused indepth on the main day-to-day needs of EuroFIA unions and how best to approach them; how FIA can be supportive; and how members can best support each other. It was structured in a series of panels, with speakers on each theme and time for general discussion. The themes were: Cuts to Arts/Culture Funding: the challenge of campaigning successfully against them; Recruiting and retaining members: the challenge of growing as a union; Establishing a Social Dialogue; Diversifying services and employment opportunities for members; Staying abreast of new media developments and making the most of them in collective bargaining.

The rest of the meeting dealt with recent EU developments; WIPO; and issues including piracy; competition rules and their impact on self-employed performers; and work in other FIA regional groups. Two motions were also adopted at the behest of members from Portugal and from Ireland. You can view them below.

Motion STE Portugal
Motion IEG Ireland