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Meeting of EuroFIA and Collecting Societies in Warsaw

This seminar took place immediately preceding the EuroFIA meeting (see report below). It was a very valuable opportunity to exchange ideas on shared challenges and on improving cooperation. The discussion took in such issues as: a possible future extension of the term of protection in the Audiovisual Sector; getting benefit for performers from the exclusive right of making available; WIPO; exploitation of archive material; and private copying. And of course there was an indepth dicussion on maximising the relationship between collecting societies and unions. The programme of the one-day seminar is available for download below, as are a number of the contributions that were made on the day. We hope that other speakers will also send us their contributions so that they can be made available here and we will add them as we receive them.

Agenda of the EuroFIA-Collecting Societies Meeting
Presentation from AISGE on the Extension of the Term of Protection

Presentation from DSF on Exploitation of Archive Material

Presentation by NORMA on Maximising the relationship between unions and collecting societies

Presentation by ACOD-Cultuur on Maximising the relationship between unions and collecting societies
Speech of Catherine Almeras, SFA on Archives and Orphan Works