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WIPO Conference on the Global Digital Content Market

Event report – 20 April 2016 -

The creative content economy has seen radical change to access and business models for more than a decade. The tensions between increased access and a sustainable economic value chain was the essence of this conference, which dwelled on copyright in the digital age, the impact of the digital environment on creators, the role for publishers, producers and distribution platforms as well as digital markets, access and participation.

The WIPO conference, held on 20 April 2016, was not meant as a technical forum to discuss IP issues but rather as an opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities for the creative sector in the digital environment as well as effective mechanisms sustaining the digital infrastructure. It featured sessions on music, film, broadcasting and publishing, as well as collective management and emerging models and markets.

At the conference, FIA continued to raise awareness around the need to make audiovisual performers' IP protection real by ratifying the WIPO Beijing Treaty. Although the BTAP was not officially on the programme, this message was nevertheless conveyed to the audience by Esperanza Silva, a renown actress from Chile who was appointed by WIPO as a panelist at this convention. Delegates were also handed a flyer that FIA purposely prepared for this event, in three languages, with a short introduction to the treaty, a link to our BTAP resource website and a call for countries to build on the commitment and constructive spirit that led to the successful conclusion of the Beijing Diplomatic Conference.

The flyer is available for download in English, Spanish and French here under:

-         Flyer EN

-         Flyer ES

-         Flyer FR