Every year, FIA is actively involved in various projects dealing with issues that our members find most relevant. Previous fields of initiative have included, for instance, trade union development, the free movement of dancers, social dialogue, gender equality, intellectual property and more. Funding for these projects is keenly sought after by the Secretariat and often originates from external sources, e.g. the European Commission, national Trade Union Centres, international governmental organisations or performers' collecting management organisations.

Wherever possible, these projects are run together with sister federations such as the International Federation of Musicians (FIM) or Union Network International – Media, Entertainment and Arts (UNI-MEI) for cost-effective reasons and in order to maximise results.

  • 14.06.2016

    FIA Child Performer Toolkit

    Children have always acted, in productions aimed at children as well as in order to create authenticity in the portrayal of...[more]