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EU Framework of Actions by FIA and other European Audiovisual Social Partners

FIA and other social partners from the EU Audiovisual Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee have created a tool to promote Gender Equality in the audiovisual sector throughout the EU. Showing a real commitment for progress in this field from both the unions (FIA, FIM, IFJ and UNI-MEI) and the employers (ACT, AER, CEPI, EBU and FIAPF), this Framework of Actions (FoA) can now be used by European national social partners to advocate for gender equality in the workplace of audiovisual performers and other workers of the sector.

Based on international legislation and research - including EuroFIA's two projects on gender equality - the FoA is divided in five thematic chapters and identifies simple and concrete actions which can be followed at national level and allow to try and achieve gender equality in the production of AV content in Europe. Those five fields of action are:

  • Gender Portrayal;
  • Addressing Gender Roles at Work;
  • Equal Pay;
  • Equality in Decision Making;
  • Work-Life Balance.

Download this document in English, French, German or Spanish here below, and join FIA in its promotion of Gender Equality for audiovisual performers.

Framework of Actions on Gender Equality
Cadre d'Actions sur l'Egalité Hommes-Femmes
Aktionsrahmen zur Gleichstellung der Geslechter
Marco General de Acciones sobre la Igualdad de Genero