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How cyberlocking is bleeding the entertainment industry

A new independent study unveils shocking profits by illegal online services, known as cyberlockers, from advertising, premium subscriptions and various “fidelity” programmes. Cyberlockers are online storage service providers, offering unlicensed creative content to their customers through direct downloads or streaming. The study, compiled by NetNames and commissioned by the Digital Citizens Alliance, found that the top 30 cyberlocker businesses generate millions of dollars each year in net profits, using major credit card companies to channel their unlawful income. Needless to say, none of these businesses is even vaguely interested in paying taxes, let alone acquiring the content that they make available to their customers... The report describes the business model of cyberlockers in great detail and is a must read for any organisation committed the sustainability of legitimate cultural production.

- BEHIND THE CYBERLOCKER DOOR: A Report on How Shadowy Cyberlocker Businesses Use Credit Card Companies to Make Millions (Pdf)