FIA-NA and English Speaking Group Meeting in Los Angeles

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In early October, representatives of the FIA North America and English Speaking Group (FIANA/ESG) came together in Los Angeles for our annual meeting. Hosted by AFTRA, the meeting proved extremely valuable and cemented our shared commitment to regular meetings both of elected members and union staff.

The week kicked off with a sobering research presentation courtesy of the Directors’ Guild of America, on the forecasted impact of new media on the US television industry.

The presentation fuelled discussion on the following day, when participants gathered for the third FIANA/ESG New Media “Technicians” Meeting. These regular ‘technicians’ meetings have proved to be an invaluable opportunity for staff to share information, opportunities, experience and strategies with regard to emerging trends in new media.

The FIANA/ESG meeting took place on the following day. Senior staff and elected leaders of the unions provided reports on bargaining and policy developments in their jurisdictions. Issues discussed included: the increasing interest among theatre, ballet and opera companies in the recording and distribution of live performance, particularly for use in new media and simulcast to cinemas; attempts to organize Spanish language commercials in the US; and interactive/video game negotiations and organizing. The group also passed a resolution supporting MEAA sisters and brothers in their current strike against SPAA.

The week concluded with a meeting with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Elected leaders and Executive staff of ACTRA, AEA US, AFTRA, CAEA, Equity UK, MEAA, SAG, UdA, and the FIA General Secretary met with Robert Pisano (President), Fritz Attaway and Rob Bauer of the MPAA to discuss the WIPO Audio Visual Treaty, and content protection (piracy) issues.

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