Guidance and Reference Document for Dancers Working Abroad

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The EuroFIA working group on dancers has as its main priority the development of practical tools to support dancers and help to ensure the best possible working conditions for them, particularly when they are working abroad and may arguably be more vulnerable. Thus the group was responsible for the development of the EuroFIA “Dance Passport” intended to improve the contact between dancers working abroad and local performers’ unions.

A new step is now taken with the development of a set of recommended minimum terms and conditions for dancers. The aim is to bring together a number of key model contractual clauses, which may be of use to dancers seeking to negotiate their contract, particularly when working in a context that is unfamiliar to them. These clauses can thus provide an indicative minimum standard and can serve as a reference across a range of areas.

The clauses included in the document below have been established across the whole EuroFIA regional group and reflect a shared understanding of what should constitute minimum terms and conditions for dancers. They are intended to be empowering by offering a point of comparison and acting as a checklist. In the absence of established references and frameworks, they may usefully be drawn upon.

To make sure these clauses can be used by all of EuroFIA’s members, this reference document exists in four different languages: English, French, Spanish and German. You can easily download them below.

Este documento de guía y referencia también existe en español. Puede bajar una copia en este idioma más abajo.

EN – Guidance and Reference Document
FR – Document d’orientation et de référence
ES – Documento de guía y de referencia
DE-Richtungs- und Referenzunterlagen der EuroFIA

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