Cultural Diversity

Cultural Sector Economics and the Digital Shift

The cultural sector is one that traditionally relies heavily on public funding to ensure the continuity of the core activities and institutions of the sector. There is a general recognition that public funding of culture is desirable to ensure cultural diversity, access to culture and a diverse and flourishing sector. There is also an increasing recognition that the sector is also a real contributor, in terms of growth, jobs and economic spill-over into other sectors. The cultural sector is an important driver in the development of creativity and creative skills.  In this way, public funding of the cultural sector is also an investment in the wider economy. There is much academic and political interest in better understanding how culture and creativity can leverage economic growth and jobs.

Another growing area of discussion is the impact of the digital shift on the sector and how the cultural sector is faring in the digital sphere, where new business models and forms of expressions are in a state of rapid change and expansion. FIA explores what this means for performers and their livelihoods.

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