Diversity and Inclusion

Young Workers

Young performers are particularly vulnerable workers. In a sector already characterised by precarious working conditions, they are usually the worst off. Their desire to succeed in the industry, combined with a lack of knowledge of their rights, often leads them to accept poor working conditions. By representing them and defending their rights, performers’ unions can play a vital role in guaranteeing them decent work.

Young members also represent the future of trade unionism. It is by adapting to the realities facing young performers and harnessing the enthusiasm and ideas of their young members that unions will grow and thrive. It is therefore essential that young members are given the opportunities and tools to continue their trade union journey and become the next generation of union leaders.

It is to tackle all these issues that FIA created its young members’ committee in 2021: “FIA Future Now”. Made up of young activists from unions belonging to FIA, the group meets regularly to discuss the issues faced by young workers in the industry.

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