Working Groups and Committees

FIA members can join thematic working groups and committees to network, share strategic information, and develop expertise to guide the work of the federation at international level. The FIA thematic working groups remain open and dynamic; they are created according to the common interests and needs of FIA affiliates. The focus of those groups can revolve around any area of work affecting performers such as international productions, voice-over, artificial Intelligence etc.  

Over the recent years, a growing interest and commitment towards diversity and equality issues has led to Federation to create ad hoc working groups. These diversity groups include a Gender Equality and Sexual Harassment WG, a LGBTQ+ WG, a Racial Equality and Ethnic Diversity WG.

Since 2021, FIA has also launched a Young Members Committee, named FIA Future Now (FFN). This group made up of young activists from unions belonging to FIA meets regularly to discuss the issues faced by young workers in the industry. You can learn about their activities by exploring the tabs here under.

We are FIA Future Now!

Introducing the young members committee of the International Federation of Actors. 
We are the global voice of young trade unionists in the performing world.
Our mission is to organize young workers in the industry. 

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