Artificial Inteligence

Union Actions and Campaigns

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence requires robust legal frameworks, preventing the unauthorised scraping, extraction and copying of protected content and personal data. This is particularly crucial when these actions are undertaken to train generative AI in cloning performers or generating synthetic versions of themselves. It also requires solid contractual safeguards preventing performers from being deceived or coerced into relinquishing their rights to their personal features without informed consent, use restrictions and adequate compensation. 

All FIA affiliates are committed, in their respective capacity, to promoting industry guidelines for the ethical development and deployment of AI in our industry, raising awareness about the threats associated with an unfettered use of these technologies and driving sound contractual safeguards into engagement contracts, predominantly through collective bargaining. 

This page primarily functions as a repository for their endeavours, as they champion the ethical and human-centric development and deployment of AI, and especially generative AI, in the media and entertainment industry.

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