Diversity and Inclusion

Sexual Harassment

“Enough is enough!” was the message emerging from FIA when it issued an unanimous Declaration on Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation in the Entertainment and Media Industries. And 2017 will be remembered as landmark year in the sector, with the high profile revelations of gross sexual misconduct in the US creating a domino effect across the globe, whose ripples are still being profoundly felt in national media, arts and entertainment industries. Many have experienced their own wake-up call, with a global #metoo movement pointing to an endemic culture of sexual harassment and violence in the industry, stretching across the world, and one that has too long gone unquestioned, ignored or even actively concealed.

With their role as guardians of working conditions and workplace protections, trade unions naturally take up an active role in the discussion of how sexual harassment can be properly addressed. Many already have established practices and protocols to support performers reporting sexual harassment or bullying and FIA has created its own dedicated working group to share good practice on this topic and so to inform the efforts at national level across the globe. FIA has also published a Practical Guide on Combatting Harassment as well as a Specific Resource Page compiling many examples of tools and campaigns to prevent harassment and guarantee safe working spaces.

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