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Cultural Diversity

“Cultural Diversity” is a simple phrase that captures a wealth of profound ideals and aspirations and cherishes the key role of culture in human life. It recognises that the diversity of cultural expressions, including traditional cultural expressions, is an important factor that allows individuals and peoples to express and to share with others their ideas and values. To promote cultural diversity means creating the conditions where it may exist: freedom of thought, expression and information, as well as diversity of the media, enable cultural expressions to flourish within societies. It recognises that culture has a value beyond its commercial returns and also the equal dignity of and respect for all cultures, as well as the key importance of dialogue between them for peace, democracy and understanding.

In 2005, UNESCO adopted the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions and FIA continues to support and promote its application.  Many of FIA’s members were, and continue to be, active and involved in the national level civil society Coalitions for Cultural Diversity. The coalitions work to ensure that cultural policy in their respective countries reflects the commitments of the Convention including adequate public funding and investment in culture.

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