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Fair Remuneration

FIA strongly feels that every performer deserves to receive a just and equitable wage, as well as a fair share of the revenue generated by the exploitation of their work. Intellectual property rights can secure ongoing payments upholding their livelihoods in a highly unpredictable and intermittent professional environment. However, their potential can be frustrated by the lack of individual bargaining power and weak statutory protections, lacking appropriate safeties preventing unfair and biased practices, often entailing a wholesale transfer of these rights in perpetuity, for any use – whether known or yet to be discovered – and in return for an often symbolic, upfront and one-off payment.

FIA campaigns for collective bargaining rights and effective statutory mechanisms to uphold the economic IP rights of performers, including in the digital environment, enabling them to retain control over the use of their performances and entitling them to receive ongoing payments for as long as they are exploited. As part of this mission, we also advocate against buyouts and share trade union models delivering more equitable and ongoing terms of payment.

The WIPO Beijing Treaty

The Beijing Treaty outlines global standards acknowledging the right of audiovisual performers to be compensated fairly for the use of their creative contributions. It sets a landmark new global IP...

The WIPO Beijing Treaty

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The WIPO Beijing Treaty

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