Cultural Diversity

Freedom of Artistic Expression and Cultural Policy

UNESCO defines artistic freedom as: “the freedom to imagine, create and distribute diverse cultural expressions free of governmental censorship, political interference or the pressures of non-state actors. It includes the right of all citizens to have access to these works and is essential for the wellbeing of societies.” FIA is committed to the protection and promotion of freedom of artistic expression. Performers in the public eye may find themselves under threat where their performances contest or critique political ideologies, religious beliefs and cultural and social preferences. FIA members may inform the Federation of such instances and receive support from the global membership.

Cultural policy describes the investment and priority-setting done by public authorities in the cultural field. FIA calls for the valuing of the work and status of performers in all aspects of cultural policy at national and international level. It advocates for policy that invests in cultural diversity and high quality production that can offer a decent livelihood for performers. It urges the involvement of social partners (unions and employers) in the development of public policy and the application of collectively bargained standards to all aspects of cultural production. FIA’s members regularly exchange on cultural policy developments and campaign for better conditions.

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