COVID19 Crisis

The fight against COVID19 is having an unprecedented impact not just on our economies but also on the entertainment sector. As theaters, cinemas, festivals and shows of all shape and size are cancelled or closed, performers are facing a sudden and worrying lack of revenue. Most emergency measures required everyone to implement social distancing and other safety measures into their work patterns or, alternatively, to work from home. Needless to say, this is hardly possible for performers.

As performers see their job opportunities vanish, they struggle to get benefits to compensate for these income losses and help them get by. Contrary to workers in standard employment, performers have a highly irregular employment pattern, with multiple short-term contracts punctuated by recurring unemployment periods. Where they have employment status, despite the atypical nature of their work, this job loss may prejudice their ability to build enough rights to claim social benefits. In many other instances, performers deemed independent contractors may have no social security to fall back on during this crisis.

FIA has created this specific section to share resources and information regarding repercussions of the COVID19 Crisis for performers. You will find a selection of articles hereunder and several sub-sections focussed on relieve measures and safety protocols available via the navigation tabs.