Diversity and Inclusion


FIA is committed to fighting any discrimination with respect to employment opportunities based on any ground, including disabilities. FIA members have come to realize that discrimination has many facets and are actively campaigning for inclusion, equality and diversity in our industry. But when it comes to performers with disabilities, the simple fact of accessing the stage or the set can literally be impossible. Too many studios and theatres do not have accessible back stages, and narrow spaces, steps, lack of adapted signage or audio guidance for deaf and visually impaired artists can all be massive barriers. This means so many talented performers are excluded from projects before they have even started.

Our commitment to diversity necessarily means increasing audition and casting opportunities for performers with disabilities. FIA and its affiliates fight for fair representation and equal opportunities in the arts and entertainment industries, rejecting all forms of discrimination other than based on objective skills and talent. We believe that disabled performers should never be denied access to stage and screen and need proper acknowledgement and representation.

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