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Artificial “intelligence” is about teaching machines to learn and process information like humans. This technology enables the creation of smart programs and devices capable of carrying out tasks of various complexity, often repetitive, without needing constant supervision or instructions by humans. A special type of AI can be trained to generate new content and thus mimic the creative and artistic process: this is usually referred to as “generative” AI. It is powered by neural networks, inspired by the structure of the human brain, and by extremely powerful algorithms trained on large datasets of text, images or audio files, to detect patterns and make predictions or generate content that closely approximates the input data.

This technology has the potential to support and enhance the human creative process. However, its application may also result in significant job displacement. Performers may find themselves in competition with flawless digital replicas of themselves or others, or even entirely synthetic performers. Therefore, it is imperative that AI development is not left unchecked: from its training to its practical deployment, robust safeguards need to be established to mitigate bias, maximise transparency and explicability, and firmly establish informed consent and fair compensation as integral aspects of its usage.

FIA advocates for regulations promoting the human-centric development of AI and its use to enhance human creativity rather than replace it. We stress the importance of conducting AI training exclusively on licensed datasets and advocate for a robust legal framework protecting personal and biometric data, encompassing aspects such as facial features, voice, and the likeness of individuals, particularly performers. FIA also advocates for adequate statutory and contractual protections, ensuring that the use of such data is contingent upon informed consent, use control and appropriate compensation and subject to strict transparency and labelling requirements.

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